TECS has completed multiple projects in the aviation industry.

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Replace Pumps and Dispensers, Dannelly Field ANG Base, Montgomery, AL

This project replaced the diesel, AVGAS, and MOGAS pumps and dispensers at the Base Ground Fuels location.

Truck Fillstand Repair, Cheyenne ANG Base, Cheyenne, WY

The truck fillstand was damaged when a wind storm blew a portable building off its foundation and into the fillstand. TECS replaced the loading control valve, air eliminator, two visi-flow indicators, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and other associated pieces of equipment. Following installation, in conjunction with the system supplier, TECS set the loading control valve and troubleshot the Scully control system at no charge. TECS also reset the other loading control valve at no charge.

Various Repairs, Birmingham ANG Base, Birmingham, AL

This project corrected problems with the existing truck offload stations, hydrant hose truck (HHT) stand, and product recovery tank (PRT). TECS removed the two existing offload pumps and replaced them with new 30 hp pumps and motors, reconfigured the offload header, replaced offload hoses, reconfigured piping associated with the pumps, moved the pump motor control switches and added a remote on/off switch for the truck load pump motors. At the hydrant hose truck stand TECS repositioned the moosehead and HHT overhead valves to a location designated by the ANG, installed a stainless steel drain bucket in the product recovery line, and replaced 10 pressure gauges. TECS emptied and cleaned the 5,000 gallon PRT to access the water removal pump suction line to remove an obstruction and restore the capability to draw water off the bottom of the tank.

Hydrant Valve Gasket Replacement, Stewart ANG Base, Newburgh, NY

Stewart ANG Base programmed a project to replace gaskets in all 49 hydrant system valves on the ANG and Marine parking ramps. TECS won the bid to replace all gaskets and worked with the ANG to schedule the system downtime and replace gaskets. The first task was to open and clean each pit prior to removing the valve. Once all the pits were cleaned TECS removed each valve from the pit to clean flange faces prior to reinstalling the valve and replacing the gaskets and bolts. Once all valve gaskets were replaced TECS and the ANG worked to operate the hydrant system and test the system for leaks. TECS received a letter of appreciation from the ANG for scheduling and replacing all gaskets more quickly than anticipated, which helped the ANG to return to normal operations earlier than expected.

Construct Ground Products Dispensing Facility, Portland ANGB, Portland, OR

The purpose of this project was to construct a new MOGAS, diesel, and AvGAS dispensing facility due to the existing facility being shut down due to explosive safety criteria. TECS designed the new canopy for two multi-product dispensers, installed the footings for the cantilever canopy, constructed the canopy, connected the two new dispensers to the existing ground products tanks, constructed two new islands, constructed a new drive pad for vehicles, installed the dispensers, tied the new dispensers into the existing alarm system, constructed a new driveway, and overlaid the existing parking lot.

Repair R-11 Refueler Parking Area and Construct Secondary Containment Remote Retention Basin, Portland ANG Base, Portland, OR

TECS installed raised concrete curbing around the existing 9-space R-11 parking area. TECS demolished the existing pavement around the parking spots and compacted the pavement subbase prior to installing steel rebar and 228 cubic yards of concrete to form the curbing. The purpose of the curb is to prevent migration of fuel off the parking pad in the event of a catastrophic failure of one of the R-11 refuelers. The second phase of this project was to construct a 19,000 gallon retention basin which would collect the runoff and any potential fuel spill from the R-11 refueler parking area. TECS constructed a steel reinforced concrete retention basin with interior dimensions of 25 feet x 17 feet. TECS also performed the uplift calculations and sized the walls at 1 foot thick and the floor at 15 inches thick to resist uplift in a high water table area. To address environmental concerns, TECS installed a water polishing system on the outlet side of the retention basin to remove any fuel to 2 mg/l or less prior to releasing to the waters of the Columbia River.

Fuel Repairs/Upgrades, Davenport AASF 3, Davenport, IA

TECS worked for an Omaha COE MATOC holder to accomplish part of a project, to provide repairs and upgrades to the fueling system at Davenport AASF 3. In the first part of the project TECS constructed four concrete footings and installed anchor bolts for a new canopy which was installed by another contractor. The fuel system repairs and upgrades include demolishing two existing filter/separators (F/Ss) and associated piping between the F/Ss and the load and offload stations, reinstalling two new filter/separators, installing new carbon and stainless steel piping between the offload and load connections, new truck loading connection, new product saver tank, extensive new pressure relief system, added two new flow control valves, and added a new high level shutoff on each of five aboveground tanks. TECS also installed two concrete convenience/containment pads and connected the hot point refueling pad to the existing oil/water separator and added a new control valve to the drain line.